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Sergeant Sam Smith II

Evansville Police Department
Evansville, Indiana

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A Response to "Wrong Idea About Islam"

A note from Bishop Smith: In response to a very pro-Islamic, anti-Christian editorial, my son Samuel Smith II wrote the following response to the editor. My son is an officer on the Evansville, Indiana police department, and until recently taught at the University of Southern Indiana. I am sure you will profit from his research into the deadly errors of Islam.

While Islam continues to cut a bloody swath across the earth in the name of Allah, we Christians are commissioned to prevail against the gates of hell, not with a sword and bloodshed, but in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ; with peace, love, signs, wonders, miracles, truth, and Holy Ghost power.

Information precedes transformation, and transformed we must become. We must cease from lukewarmness, contentedness, and inactivity. We must stop being spectators and become participators. Relative to the greatest threat in the end-time, let the information flow and grow.

Response to Charley Reese

I am responding to Charley Reese’s editorial entitled “Wrong idea about Islam” (May 8, 2007). Reese began by stating there is an “ongoing slander campaign against Islam, claiming that it is a religion that promotes violence.” He backed his rhetoric by comparing Islamic history to Christian history. I would like to address and rebut several points he used about Islam being a peaceful religion. Reese does not bother to examine the history of Islam’s origin, the culture, and the Islamic worldview.

Firstly, Reese claimed that history shows that “Christendom wins when it comes to violence and war.” Reese touted the moral and historical supremacy of Islam when compared to Christianity. He also argued that the Old Testament condoned slavery, and commanded the Israelites to commit genocide. He reinforced the virtues of Islam by claiming, “I don’t think you will find anything comparable in the Quran.” If Reese researched the Quran, he would discover that there are over 100 verses calling Muslims to wage jihad against unbelievers. Muhammad commanded his jihadis (holy warriors) “to slay the unbelievers wherever you find them” (Quran 9:5) and “Therefore, when you meet the unbelievers in fight, smite at their necks; at length, when ye have thoroughly subdued them, bind a bond firmly on them” (Quran 47:4). He taught that those who reject Islam are the “vilest of creatures” and deserve no mercy (Quran 98:6).

The beheadings of the unbelievers and the enslavement of war captives are still happening today. In modern Sudan, under the Islamic, militaristic regime of Omar Hassan al-Bashir, the Muslims from the north have invaded and slaughtered the Christians in the south. They have sold both men and women into slavery and sexually abused the female captives. This is also occurring in the Islamic country of Chad. The Quran justifies taking non-Muslim prisoners of war as slaves. Muhammad taught his followers that a slave owner can use female captives for sexual purposes. “Prophet, we have made lawful to you the wives to whom you have granted dowries and the slave girls whom God has given you as booty” (Quran 33:50). A Muslim slave owner is entitled by the law to the sexual enjoyment of the slave women. According to the Quran and the Hadith, Muhammad was a slave trader, who bought and sold, and owned several African slaves.

One of Iraq’s leading clerics, Shaikh Fadhlalla Haeri, who was educated in America and Europe, said “Islam does not prohibit slavery but retains it for two reasons. One is for war, whether it be civil or foreign. Only non-Muslims may be enslaved or killed. The second reason is the sexual propagation of slaves, which would generate more slaves for their owners.” In Saudi Arabia, another leading cleric, Shaikh Saad al-Buraik appeared in a telethon in which Saudis raised $109 million dollars for the Palestinians to overthrow Israel. He said, “Their women are yours to take, legitimately. God made them yours. Why don’t you enslave their women?” A leading Saudi educator, Shaikh Saleh al-Fawzan, has said, “Slavery is part of Islam and Muslims who contend that Islam is against slavery are ignorant and are not scholars.” This Islamic scholar, al-Fawzan, also threatened to behead one of his critics.

Muhammad was not a man of peace, but a warrior, a raider, and murderer. The Hadiths (oral traditions about Muhammad’s life later recorded and accepted as sacred writings) report that Muhammad and his band of followers accumulated their wealth by raiding merchants and caravans that crossed the desert. The Hadiths reveal that Muhammad was cruel and brutal towards his captives, often taunting them as they pled for their lives before having them beheaded. One merchant pleaded with him to spare his life so he could see his children. Muhammad told him he could see them in hell. Muhammad murdered and enslaved his enemies, but how did he treat his own people? When an adulteress was brought to him, he had her buried up to her neck and stoned to death. How did Muhammad feel about the Jews? The Hadiths also reveal that Muhammad told his followers to “kill any Jew who falls into your power.” Muhammad was behind the massacre of Banu Qurayza, a Jewish tribe of Medina, in the Battle of Trench, in 627. Muhammad accused the tribe of befriending his enemies. After the successful besiegment of Medina that lasted several weeks, Muhammad approved the beheading of some 600-900 individuals who surrendered unconditionally. The women and children’s lives were spared but they were sold into slavery.

Thirdly, Reese stated that “jihad” has many meanings. It means “to struggle,” but this can mean “personal” or “spiritual.” He falsely asserts “Only if Islam is attacked are Muslims required to defend it.” If Reese researched the rise of Islam he would have discovered that the first military clash between Muslims and Christians occurred at the Battle of Mut’ah in 629. This battle was instigated by the Muslims after they were dispatched by the prophet Muhammad, himself. And they attacked the Byzantines first.

If one looks at a globe or world map, he will see that two-thirds of what is now marked as Islamic countries were once Christian territories. Turkey, North Africa, Syria, and Egypt were all under the Byzantine Empire during Muhammad’s life span (570-632). In 639, the Muslims invaded Egypt and met any resistance with extreme brutality. In the town of Nikiou, not one soldier resisted them, but yet they slaughtered everyone they met in the street and in the churches, sparing no one, men, women, and children. They looted the villages and enslaved the people. In 650, the Muslims invaded Armenia, the world’s first Christian country. Thousands of Armenians were butchered and 35,000 were taken away as slaves. The same fate awaited the citizens of Cilicia and Caesarea of Cappadocia in 650. The Muslims looted the wealth of the towns and enslaved the men and women, boys and girls. They invaded Europe, Cyprus, Rhodes, Crete, and Sicily. They conquered Spain (and occupied it for 700 years). They took thousands of slaves back to Damascus. The key prize was 1,000 virgins. They even pressed their way into France until they were stopped by Charles “The Hammer” Martel in the Battle of Tours in 732. The Ottoman Turks eventually besieged, laid waste and destroyed Constantinople, one of the grandest Christian cities of the ancient world. In 1453, when the Muslims entered Constantinople, according to historian Steven Runciman, the soldiers “slew everyone that they met in the streets, men, women, and children without discrimination.”

Reese claimed that the word “Islamofascist” is a propaganda term and that “fascism is an European invention by nominal Christians.” To his “knowledge, the only fascist governments ever to exist were all European and nominally Christian.” Does Reese know about the Taliban? Under the Taliban rule in Afghanistan, there were no elections. Women were forced to wear burqas, and were not allowed to have jobs. Many primary schools had to shut down because almost all of the teachers were female. A girl’s education ended at age eight. Women seeking education were forced to attend underground schools, where they and their teachers risked execution if caught. The Taliban had religious police enforcing Islamic laws and would beat people in public if caught breaking them. The religious police were given power of judge, jury, and executioner, all in one.

Similarly, in Saudi Arabia, March 2002, 15 girls died in a fire at their school. Saudi Arabia’s religious police, the muttawa, would not let the girls out of the building because they shed their all-concealing outer garments. The muttawa even fought back the police and firemen who tried to rescue the girls by opening the doors. They preferred the girls’ death to the transgression of Islamic law. According to Iran’s Ayatolla Khomeini, one of the Shah’s most despicable acts was that Iran was one of the original groups of nations that drafted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In 1985, a United Nations Iranian delegate declared “The very concept of human rights was a ‘Judeo-Christian invention’ and inadmissible in Islam.”

Reese misstates that Islam did not force conversion and when the Arab empire expanded that rarely any of the conquered people were forced to convert because the Quran forbids it. He even illogically compared past conversions to Islam to that a Florida election when a Republican won its first governor’s seat in the 20th century. He witnessed “plenty of people crawl out from under their rocks and convert to the Republican Party drawn by the smell of patronage.” Reese needs to study and compare the spread of Christianity and Islam. Islam did not exist until almost 600 years after the birth of Christianity. The early Christians were severely persecuted in the first two centuries, but Christianity spread and flourished throughout the middle-east, Asia-minor, and north Africa through evangelism. By contrast, Islam was spread by the sword. The conquered people who were not killed and did not convert to Islam were sold into slavery. The Christians who remained were heavily taxed. In fact, much of the written history about the early Christians in Asia-minor and North Africa is forever lost, because of Islam’s scorched earth policy. Upon invading non-Muslim territories, they destroyed churches, cities, and burned the writings. The ancient world’s greatest library in Alexandria was torched by the Muslims in 642.

Reese also invokes the Holocaust to condemn Christianity. He mistakenly claims that “nothing remotely resembling the Holocaust is to be found in the history of Islam.” Between 1915-1917, the Islamic Ottoman Empire tried to eradicate Armenia, the world’s first Christian nation. Mehmed Talet Pasha was the chief architect of the “Armenian Genocide.” The Turks killed between 650,000 to 800,000 Armenians. Even though the current Turkish government denies these claims, there were intercepted telegrams from Pasha instructing his troops to “Kill every Armenian man, woman and child, without concern.” These horrific memories to this day still sear the Armenian people.

Speaking of genocide, much attention has been given to the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, which lasted for 300 years. Less than five percent (approximately 400,000) of all slaves that crossed the Atlantic ended up in the United States. The majority went to Brazil, South and Central America, and the British, Dutch, and French West Indies. Slavery was cruel, sinful, and inhumane. However, the Trans Atlantic slaves were brought over for agricultural reasons and allowed to marry and have children. To this day, in the U.S., the West Indies, Central and South America, there are large vibrant communities, including West Indies governments, made up of the descendants of African slaves. If Reese studied the Sahara slave trade that lasted over 1400 years, he would note that over 28 million African had been enslaved by the Muslims. According to Dr. Peter Hammond, Slavery, Terrorism, and Islam (2005), two out of every three slaves shipped across the Atlantic were men, but for every man brought across the Sahara there were two women. These women were destined to be concubines in Harems. Most of the men were castrated and made into eunuchs to guard the Harems, or if they converted to Islam they were drafted into the military service. For centuries, Egypt incorporated the Nubians (from Nigeria and the Sudan) into their armed forces. Most of the children born to the African concubines were killed. The mortality rate for the Trans Atlantic slaves was as high as ten percent, but it was 80-90 percent for the slaves brought across the Sahara. It is believed that the death toll, over a period of 14 centuries, from the Muslim slave raids into Africa could be as high as 112 million. Dr. Peter Hammond calls this “one of history’s best kept secrets.” Furthermore, it was the Christian movement in England, led by parliament’s William Wilberforce, and the Christian-fueled abolitionists in United States that stopped the Trans Atlantic slave trade. Great Britain’s Navy was joined by the U.S. Congress enacted African Squadron in 1843 to intercept slave ships to the west. Even then, Muslims still enslaved another two million Africans.

While on the topic of genocide, what about Iran and other Islamic nations dedicated to the annihilation of Israel? School children in Syria do not count apples and oranges instead they count dead Jews. In Palestine, television programs and music videos, aimed towards children and teenagers, glorify martyrdom and suicide bombings. Israel has been attacked and invaded multiple times by its Arab neighbors, beginning in 1948, the very day after the State of Israel was officially recognized. Israel was invaded again in 1967, 1968, and 1973. In 1991, during the Gulf War, Iraq launched 39 scud missiles into Israel, and the Iran-backed terrorist organization Hezbollah, located in Lebanon, initiated a war in the summer of 2006, when they invaded and killed three Israeli soldiers and kidnapped two others.

Reese ends his tirade against Christianity by stating “You have nothing to fear from Islam. The al-Qaida movement is a tiny percentage of Muslims and wouldn’t be the force it is except for the fact that the Bush administration has gone out of its way to make all of Osama bin Laden’s propaganda become true.” Does Reese know that Osama issued three fatwas (in the tradition of Muhammad, unbelievers are given the opportunity to repent and convert to Islam or be invaded and die) to the United States, in 1996, 1998 and 2002.

How can Reese forget 9-11? Since his article was published, law enforcement broke up an Islamic extremist cell group planning to carry out a terrorist attack on a New Jersey military base. Reese should be grateful he lives in a country where he can express his opinion about Christianity and Islam. He would not have that freedom if he lived in a country ruled by the Sharia (Islamic law). Islamic academics have issued fatwas on critics who did not agree with their writings. The novelist, Salmon Rushdie spent years in hiding because the Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa calling for his execution because he wrote the Satanic Verses.

I respect the freedom that Charley Reese has to express his opinions, I hope he respects mine and those of other Christians who want to keep this country free.


Samuel Smith II

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