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Bishop Kenneth Phillips

PromiseLand Church
Austin, Texas

The New Church Order

 The New Church Order is here to stay!  You will hear about it in various terms until “Well Done” is proclaimed.  Isaiah 43:19 says, “Behold I will do a new thing!  Now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it?”  It is so new it will be called “a thing.” Not even named yet!  Luke 1:35, “Mary, that Holy ‘thing’ which shall be born of thee…”  It is easy not “to know” because “the thing” doesn’t have a name, and it will not be conceived by conventional means: “The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee…”  Listen to the whirl of the ‘wind,’ the wheels are turning again (Ezekiel 1:20)!


The New Church Order is based upon the transition from King Saul to King David.  (I Samuel 16:1)  The rejection of Saul was based primarily on two things: first, incomplete obedience and secondly, intrusion into prophet’s territory that he was not qualified to fulfill (I Samuel 15:1-3, I Samuel 13:8).


The season of the Lord’s coming will demand complete obedience in every phase of His will and qualification for prophetic ministry.  Much will be said about each of these as we journey together.


The acceptance of David was built upon two things:  God’s choice because of faithfulness and his willingness to process the men who were willing to follow The New Order (I Samuel 22). Those who came to him at Adullam were in debt, in distress and discontent (I Samuel 22:2).


If you are troubled by any of these you automatically qualify for The New Church Order!  These are great attributes of becoming Mighty Men!  You are not a reprobate, you have not blasphemed and you are not in rebellionYou are The New Order!


Jonathan felt this Euroclydon in I Samuel 14, before David and the mighty men felt it!  Saul had passed an ill advised bylaw that would bring stagnation to Israel and Jonathan rebelled against it!  He defeated the enemy upon one-half acre of accomplishment (verse 24).  It is time that we build upon Jonathan’s half acre!


John the Baptist was between the dispensations:  The ending of law and the beginning of grace.  He felt the pull from both “worlds.”  This brought frustration and question.  You and I are positioned between the ending of grace and the beginning of the Kingdom, and we feel frustration and question.  The pull of both worlds!  This demands solace for our frustrations and answers to our questions.  One thing we know is that we can not stay where we are! We must follow heartbeats for footprints.  May our hearts guide us as our feet cut the new trails!


During my thirty years in seclusion, I have discovered some principles of The New Church Order. You will supply more!


1)     The New Church Order is Old Church Doctrine:  The Apostolic Doctrine is our bone structure (Ephesians 2:20).  If we have no bone structure we are nothing but silly putty.  Anything without doctrine will not last!  We can not, we must not, ever leave the doctrine (I Timothy 6:20)!


2)     The New Church Order is Old Church Purpose:  (Mark 16:18, Acts 1:8) This has never changed and never will.  The accomplishing of this will win back to God His prodigal earth.  The purpose of God in the Earth!  The preaching of the gospel is not just for people, but it is for territories, sanctifying a fallen earth (Isaiah 43:5-6).


3)     The New Church Order is Evangelism without Restrictions:  (I Corinthians 9:22) It is the marketplace, Mars Hill and crucifixion between two thieves.  It is being numbered with the transgressors (Isaiah 53:12).

4)     The New Church Order is Fellowship without Restrictions:  It is the long awaited open door of brotherhood.  If we agreed on everything we would be freaks.  The body is strong because of its diversity, not its similarity (I Corinthians 12:12-31).


5)     The New Church Order Declares His Dependence Upon Us:  The one thing Jesus cannot do is answer His own prayer (John 17:11).  We must answer that prayer for Him, “…That they may be made perfect in one that the world may know (verse 23).”  He will not even call anyone to preach without our permission (Luke 10:2).  Without God we cannot, without us God will not!  God needs us…God needs you now!


6)     The New Church Order will establish once again “The Truth of Twelve”:  Everything God ever did, He established it on the Foundation of Twelve, including the universe.  Twelve is a perfect number that can be divided by two, three, four and six, all of these exploding with PowerPassionPurposeCan you find twelve ministers who are in debt, in distress, in discontent?  If so, contact us and we will have regional “Truth of Twelve” Conferences world wide!  We are exploring Deeper Life!


“How long will you mourn over Saul seeing I have rejected him?” (I Samuel 16:1)  The old order is over, the New Order is NOW!  NOW! 


Isaiah 52:8 says, “The watchman shall lift up the voice; with the voice together shall they sing: for they shall see eye to eye, when the Lord shall bring again Zion.”

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