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Submitted at the 38th Annual AWCF World Congress in Evansville, Indiana April 29 - May 1, 2009

Greetings in the all-powerful name of our Lord Jesus Christ.  I am honored to have the privilege to come to you via this report.  I consider the people in this room to be the “earth’s elite.”  The Father’s Business demands and deserves the best!  We are blessed to be called to do His bidding.

I want to acknowledge the passing of one of our Executive Council members, Bishop L.W. Osborne Sr., Portland, Oregon.  Pray for his family and church during their time of sadness.

This has been one of the most productive years yet in the 38 year history of the AWCF.  Those who attended last year’s World Congress recall the mighty anointing that prevailed over every service.  Again this year we have a stellar line-up of powerful ministry, supported with great worship leaders in music and song.

Throughout the year, we have conducted powerful district, regional, youth, missons, and international conferences.  You will hear many of those reports today.

Pastor Amador Valenzuela and I participated in the Apostolic Church International Leadership Summit in the United Kingdom, last August.  Bishop Teklemariam has appointed Pastor Valenzuela to serve as the Director of the North American chapter, and me to chair the International Board of Directors.

The Annual AWCF Asian Conference, October, 2008, as always, was a great blessing to the hundreds of Filipino pastors and their churches.  Subsequent to the Pastor’s Banquet, thousands attended the annual conference service in Manila.

The AWCF Caribbean Conference, hosted in January by the Five Porches Apostolic Church, Nassau, Bahamas, host pastor, Bishop J. Rodney Roberts, was outstanding.

A delegation of AWCF members, including Bishop Bell, Bishop Jones, Pastor Valenzuela and myself, were the guests of the Apostolic Church of Ethiopia, this past March.  The annual Warra Bethel Crusade is the largest Apostolic event in the world.  Some conservative estimates of the attendance, range around 500,000 attendees.  It is an  event that everyone needs to experience at least once in their lifetime.  On the way to Ethiopia, I stopped over in South Africa where I hosted a seminar and banquet attended by 35 Apostolic leaders. It was a very productive time of fellowship and dialogue.  While in South Africa, I preached in Pretoria, before continuing on to Ethiopia.

The Annual AWCF Youth Conference, last July, hosted by Christ Temple, Pastor Leroy Kelly, and founded by Bishop Robert Williams was phenomenal by all accounts.  They are realistically concerned about an over capacity attendance year.  If you are interested in your youth attending this upcoming event in July, feel free to contact headquarters for complete information.

I am pleased to invite you to visit our AWCF headquarters offices at 421 N. Main St., in Evansville.  At 4:30, today, I will do a walk through for anyone who may want to visit the facility.  Please see Pastor Luke Smith to make transportation arrangements.

As always, during the day, Thursday, committees will be meeting for their annual time of dialogue.  I am asking the Chairmen of these committees to coordinate with Bishop Wayne Green the times for their meetings in this same room during that day.  Also, I am respectfully asking you to schedule your committee meetings between, not during the  services; 10 a.m., 2 p.m., and 7 p.m.  I am requesting this for the simple reason, we have a stellar line-up of speakers, and I would like for every service to be well attended, and for everyone, committee members as well, to benefit from the richness of the services, and for every speaker to be supported to the maximum.  I know it will be a sacrifice in some instances, but, we only come together like this once a year, let us make the most of  it.

I stated in my last Chairman’s Letter, dated, April 6, some new appointments in our leadership.  Bishop Ralph Green will now serve as Vice-Chairman Emeritus.   Bishop E.C. Roberts who has served with distinction as General Secretary will serve as Vice-Chairman.  Bishop Wayne Green has moved from Youth President to the office of General Secretary, and Pastor Luke Smith has moved from Youth Vice-President to President of the Youth Department.  Minister David Brown is now the Youth Vice-President. Pastor Reynaldo Leal, has accepted the appointment of General Treasurer.

The Apostle Paul prefaced one of his most outstanding warnings relative to the end of the age, saying; “Brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you.  For yourselves know perfectly that the day of  the Lord do cometh as a thief in the night.” I can sense his urgency and even his frustration, trying one more time to get someone’s attention on a subject that he knew that they were aware of, but obviously, were not adequately prepared for. I trust that all of us in this room feel the same as Paul. The time has come to be stirred, and to stir our followers. Let us prayerfully seek the Lord for direction during this conference to fulfill our roles as leaders and “watchmen on the wall.”

Respectfully submitted,

Bishop Samuel Smith

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