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Pastor Randy Hollis

Randy Hollis

Senior Pastor
The Believers Church
Louisville, Kentucky

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“He shall be like a tree Planted by the rivers of water, that brings forth its fruit in its season, Whose leaf also shall not wither; And whatever he does shall prosper.” Psalm 1:3 NKJV

I want to be that man! I want to prosper, in the kingdom sense of the word. I want to be found faithful! No Really! I’m not just writing this in order to sound noble. Our kingdom goals should be lofty, and we should never apologize for being dreamers. Imagine with me. Put yourself just inside the gates of heaven, the crowd ….. to many to number.

The air, exhilarating! You can see long streaming banners with brilliant colors, colors that are unlawful to name here on earth. They illuminate from the inside, and their movement has meaning. The popping of their material matches the rhythm of the music, which seems to be coming from everywhere, yet it’s not overwhelming.

One man steps out from among the masses and approaches you. As he comes, you don’t know how you know it, but you know it’s the Apostle Paul. You are stunned! Not because it’s the Apostle Paul, but because your admiration for him, is eclipsed by his admiration for you. He smiles as he begins to speak, “I’ve been given a great honor; Jesus has much to tell you, but He’s allowed me the compliment of greeting you with these two words, Well Done.”

The place explodes with shouts of joy, you look around and every eye is on you. They are all honored and thrilled that you are at last, home.

I hope you can feel it; I hope that it’s unmistakably warming your heart, and putting a lump in your throat. I’m referring to your deep passion for the things of God; you did feel it, didn’t you?

We must go back to the opening scripture. It referred to a tree, a strategically planted tree. The soil was congenial and the sight was a riverbank. The outcome? Consistent growth and much fruit, and no matter which way it grew, it prospered. The scripture said that a man in right relationship with God would be like that tree. So why did I bring up passion?

Because when you talk about the rewards of our labor, our roots rouse in the soil of passion. I’m saying that you cannot have the spiritual fruit, without the roots running deep into something that is a catalyst for abundant life.
I am not placing passion above the word of God; I am saying that we must have a passion for the word of God. I am not placing passion above prayer; I am saying that we must have a passion for prayer. We must be very passionate about the Kingdom of God, and guard our hearts against anything that will cause our passion to grow cold.

God is very concerned about our level of passion and commitment toward all things concerning Him. Through the pen of Ezekiel, God asks a question, “How languishing is your heart,” Ezekiel 16:30. God is very concerned about the passion levels in your heart.

Our passion for the things of God, are of utmost importance to our spiritual health. Without passion there will be no fruit, and we all know how Jesus felt about the fig tree that was just taking up space. My assignment in this article is not passion; my assignment is to talk about what kills passion.

I’ve always wondered how a person goes from being totally on fire for the kingdom one day, then they start coming to church late and sitting on the back row, if they come at all.
How does that happen? How did they go from, “I’ll die for this!” to “Ah, who cares?” What ever happened to, “In him we live and move and have our being?” I’m not attacking cold people; “we do not wrestle against flesh and blood.” I’m coming against a spirit that is strong enough to create a movement; a movement so powerful that it will drain the very life out of you. That movement is now circling the globe.

We are now living in a time when it’s trendy for a preacher to be postmodern. In fact some Apostolic ministers brag from their pulpits that they are Postmodern. I’m not sure they understand, or are even aware of the claims of postmodernism.

At the risk of boring you, let me quote three articles from Wikipedia, I chose italics to highlight important points.

1. “Postmodernism was originally a reaction to modernism.”

2. “The movement of Postmodernism began with architecture, as a reactionary movement against the perceived blandness and hostility present in the Modern movement.”

3. “Deconstruction is a term which is used to denote the application of postmodern ideas of criticism, or theory, to a "text" or "artifact", based on architectural deconstructivism. A deconstruction is meant to undermine the frame of reference and assumptions that underpin the text or the artifact.”

So, if I understand these Wikipedia definitions correctly, a Post-moderate is Someone who reacts critically to established architecture in a deconstructive manner. He or she reacts in order to undermine the frame of reference that underpins or holds the whole thing together. WOW!

When you think of architecture, think of this, Jesus said, “and upon this rock I will build My church;” Matt 16:18. We also know that He is the chief cornerstone. Here’s the problem, it’s in the nature of the Post-moderate to deconstruct the established architecture, he undermines the foundational things that hold everything together. They come against “certainty of truth” as if it’s arrogant and naïve. Jesus Himself (the truth) came after the religious elite of His day, almost every time they met, they clashed. Jesus was not afraid of conflict!

In his book “The Jesus You Can’t Ignore,” John MacArthur said of the Post-moderate, Truth isn’t their primary goal. According to John, “Chic values such as diversity, tolerance, collegiality, agreeableness, and academic freedom seem to have eclipsed biblical truth.” He went on to say that among the Post-moderates,
“Certainty and conviction are badly out of fashion.”

Jesus would not be welcome at their table with statements like “I am the way,” or “I am the truth.” The Post-moderate has such a strong bias against any kind of certitude that they would just wink at Jesus as if He were naive.

We would all be wise to keep in mind that when we invite all of the old heresies back to the table in the name of civility, truth becomes the “New heresy.” When one takes a seat at the Postmodern table, they will be welcomed with open arms. They will treated as an equal which can be intoxicatingly refreshing to an Apostolic minister. But they will be expected to nod approvingly as others espouse things that are far from biblical truth.

Time and time again they will be expected to ignore one falsehood after the other; they’re encouraged to climb to the only high ground, which is according to the Post-moderate, academic courtesy. They will be trained as an elite to applaud everyone’s good intentions. Now comes the darkness.

When we applaud something we know to be false, something well hidden happens within us. It’s as if we reach deep within and pull a brick of passion and commitment out of our very own soul. We are not aware of the weakness at first, but brick by brick, we grow weaker. It’s not long until the intense passion that once was a strong and unmovable fortress in our lives, crumbles. No one can take our passion, but we have the ability to give it away.

If everything is welcome at the table then there is nothing worth dying for. If everything is acceptable, then the hardened steal of “Is there not a cause,” dissipates from our skeletal frame.

Jesus said, “I have come as Light into the world, so that everyone who believes in Me will not remain in darkness.” John 12:46 NASB

Jesus came as light, lived as light, and died for the same cause.

We are to have the mind of Christ, we are to buy the truth and sell it not.

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