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On the Wings of Eagles
By Dr. R. L. (Bob) Sharp

The spiritual highlight for my wife and I is the annual AWCF World Congress, it has always enthralled us with the glory of our Savior and inspired us to work even harder to complete our calling in his Kingdom.

Having been single minded in our desire to support the apostolic missionary effort, we have endeavored to give sacrificially to this cause since my first pastorate over forty two years ago. This year we had purposed, as in years before, to bring home a golden eagle to put the crowning touch to our regular missions giving. But we had a problem, emerging from home missions status, and in a building program, our meal barrel was a little low. In January, Sister Brenda and I purposed in our heart that we would, with the help of God, bring home this year’s golden eagle.

Then in February, we received an unexpected check, (from the IRS of all sources, even though we paid no income tax), for over $750. I immediately asked Sister Brenda to write out our tithes check and put the rest in our small savings account for our eagle. Then around the first of April, I was blessed with a little job and received a check for over $350. I paid my tithes and put the rest in savings, my eagle money was in the bank. Then during the last two weeks before conference, God provided the extra monies to travel to Louisville.

What a glorious time we had, we felt that almost every message was directly to us, I was also privileged to work with the International Ministries department and aid several of our foreign delegates with their transportation and lodging and just fellowshipping with them. This was such an honor.

Well, we received our eagle, and much to our surprise, much of the visionary ministry spoke of eagles present over Louisville and even perched over the speakers and singers. We went home basking in the radiance of being in His presence throughout the services. We were anxious to arrive home and share this with our Church in Georgetown, Texas, so we drove straight through, 988 miles, over 15 hours, to make that Sunday morning service.

The next morning, we groggily dressed for service, but with excitement in our hearts, stepped out the door of the parsonage. As Sister Brenda looked toward the Church, she exclaimed excitedly “Bob, Look, Look over the Church.” I lifted my eyes and beheld a huge bird of prey circling directly over our sanctuary. I thought it must be a large red tailed hawk, but seemed too large for a hawk. It circled for about two minutes, almost touching the cross at the peak of our steeple each time it passed. Then it floated in our direction and passed within 30 yards of where we were standing, as it passed it gave a screech that made the hair on my neck and goose bumps on my arm stand at attention. Then it drifted on off.

We expectancy in our heart we entered Church, I described the bird to a brother in my Church that owns a taxidermy shop, he said that by my description it had to be a Mexican Eagle. I had my own little shout right there. It’s Okay, my Church is used to my little fits. Then from the first song, the presence of the Lord was manifested in service. As we began the night service the same glorious presence of God was there. I asked all those who were serious about receiving the Holy Ghost come up and just stand in the front of the Church. Five adults came forward. I instructed them in repentance, we prayed and wept, then I had them lift their hands in worship and thanksgiving, three immediately received the Holy Ghost, and the other two were praying in stammering lips. We then baptized the three that had not been baptized in Jesus name.

Oh, and the next Wednesday, we had Bishop Ani Simonson from Nigeria minister. God mightily moved, two were healed and a eleven year boy was filled with the Holy Ghost.
Surly we are soaring on the wings of eagles.

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