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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

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Pakistan Places Marshall Law in Faisalabad

Posted by Paul Baumeister
Jul 10th, 2010 at 10:02 am PT

Faisalabad, Pakistan – July 13, 2010. This morning we were in the middle of a college course and teaching on worship. In the middle of the course, students starting to run out of the room and then run back in. I asked them what was happening and they said that Muslim extremists were attacking the town with guns and that it was a large mob.

Please pray right now this morning. This just happened at about 8:45AM on Saturday.

I will add more as I find out. Please visit the site for more news as it comes to us. If you add us on the twitter for Apostolic News, you will get more news as it comes.

More News Updated (Monday 7:23 AM PST)

Our director says, “the mob is gathering and approaching the town. There are many women that are taking refuge in our Bible College. The mob is on our street now. This started because a couple of evangelists were preaching in Faislabad and angered the Muslims. They were wrongly accused of desecrating the Muslim religion and this became public. So, many are gathering. There are many that have taken refuge here. Outsiders are with us also with a tremendous fear visible in their eyes. Our people are very confident that God is protecting us. Please continue to pray.”

Last night, the mob began to burn tires in the streets and gathered outside homes ready to burn the homes, but the police arrived and scattered the mob. However, they are gathering at their mosques and are planning another attack. Many of the residents have fled to other cities. Please continue to pray for us and ask that your churches pray today” (Sunday).

Today again, a larger mob showed up with guns and is trying to burn homes” (Sunday PM).

We are safe by his Mighty power. Thank God for his safety. Thank you for your prayers” (Monday AM).

Monday morning some of the head terrorists came to our street and were very close to our home. They had heavy guns and material. Soon the special police came to quell the mob. Then it started to rain so hard that some of the roofs of other homes caved in. The rain finally ran off the terrorists. God did do His Mighty Work. Thank you for your prayers when it seemed that this was the end of our time!” (Monday PM).

The government has ordered LAW 144, which means no one can open the doors of houses, no one can stand in street, no one can walk with more than two, and no one can drive a motor bike with more than one person.

Your prayers are very valuable for us, please remember especially friday in your prayers becuase Friday is their religeous day and Last time they attack on Gojra on Friday. Due to your prayers we are safe yet, God is protecting us. We are very thankful to you and your all church people. Please let everyone know that we love them all and we are thankful to them for investing their precious time in prayers for us. Please continue asking the protection from the Lord for us. We are brave and strong in the faith. We will not hesitate to die for Christ while protacting our women, girls, children and elders. We will not allow the devil into our church to destroy the belivers nor the building. Please continue praying for our young men who are actively in helping us all. These young men have a passion to protect Christianity” (Wed AM).

We know that thousands of people are praying for them and expect complete victory.

It is difficult to know how all of this occurred, but I did read in the news that on July 1, there was an accusation against a elderly man for blasphemy against Muhammad the prophet. He lives in the same town of Faisalabad. It is very possible that this is connected with the mob today.

Persecution in Pakistan

Christians in Pakistan face unbelievable persecution in a country that is predominantly Muslim. In a court of law, a Christian man’s testimony is worth half that of a Muslim and a Christian woman’s testimony is only worth quarter. As a result, many Christian women are abused and cannot defend themselves. Also, it is part of the law to give a death sentence to anyone who defies the name of the prophet Mohammed. The law only requires four Muslim witnesses for a conviction. It is laws like this that Muslim extremists use to persecute Christians and in many areas where there is not a lot of police, Muslims will take matters into their own hands.

Last Years Attacks

This is what happened on August 2, 2009. At a nearby mosque, the imam began to falsely accuse Christians in the village of Gojra and Korian of burning the book of the Koran. Within a few minutes, a Muslim mob ran to these villages and demolished about 70 homes, 2 churches, and killed 8 Christians—including children. One of the churches was an Apostolic church. The local police watched the whole episode and did not even try to stop them. The Bible College director for Apostolic School of Theology International, visited the Christian villages and brought food, water, and money. He was astounded at the atrocities that took place in that village. He lives only about 90 miles away from those villages.

Two weeks later, another attack was planned by a local mob of Muslims—this time in the same city where our director lives. Somehow he overheard that the imam, the leader of the Mosque, was planning to throw a torn Koran in the streets of the city. He called me and we sent messages by Twitter to pray for him and our two churches in that city. This time the local police and military was ready for them and when the imam threw the Koran in the street, he was immediately arrested and the persecution was stopped completely. Thank God for the prayers of many people that day!

Paul Baumeister

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