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Hard Rock Exposed A Startling, Hard Hitting, Plain-spoken
Expose’ on The Music sweeping the World Today!

By Bishop Samuel Smith

This article was first published in 1979 when Rock music had been on the scene less than 25 years. Note the opinions of the experts who then expressed strong warnings relative to the detrimental effects of Rock music upon society. Now, 31 years later, anyone can see that their warnings have been justified and we are witnesses to the deterioration wrought upon our culture. Rock music today is much more extreme than in 1979; music then was tame in comparison to now, causing us to ponder what the future holds if the downward spiral continues at this rapid rate?

Read now, HARD ROCK EXPOSED, written in 1979

In the Book of Revelation, a prophecy is given by God to John on the lonely Isle of Patmos, concerning the one world superstate which will come into being in the “endtime”. The horrors of Nazi Germany or Stalin’s Russia will be pallid by comparison to the political, social and military power wielded by this “superstate”.

All the money will be controlled by the State; those who do not cooperate will starve. All the religions of the world will be brought together into an ecumenical apostate world church. Satan will be in the “drivers seat”!

The governments of the world will be united by an evil man, called the anti-Christ (Beast, Revelation 13). He will derive his power from the Devil himself.

Music will play a large part in the indoctrination of the masses of people to accept this “super system”. According to the Bible, Satan will use music to further his work. “And the voice of the harpers, and musicians, and of pipers, and trumpeters, shall be heard no more at all in thee:…for thy merchants were the great men of the earth and by the sorceries were all nations deceived.” (Rev. 18:22-23).

The anti-Christ and his Empire will be utterly destroyed by the return of Jesus with His armies of Saints at the Battle of Armageddon. The Living Bible portrays the fall of Satan’s end-time Kingdom,” …then a mighty angel picked up a boulder shaped like a millstone and threw it into the ocean and shouted, “Babylon that great city, shall be thrown away as I have thrown away this stone, and shall disappear forever. Never again will the sound of music be there – no more pianos, saxophones and trumpets.”

A Satanic Conspiracy?

Is there a Satanic conspiracy in rock music? McCandlish Phillips thinks so. He is a veteran newspaper reporter for the New York Times. Phillips has won many awards in the field of journalism, including the Columbia University Meyer Barger Award for reporting.

Phillips believes there is a Satanic, spiritual force at work in the rock musicians leading them to produce the kind of music which destroys young people; he believes in the “Devil” theory of rock music. In his book, The Spirit World, he states, “Let me assure you that I do not regard rock music as a human conspiracy. If it were, it could not appear so suddenly and run so far so fast. Many of the fads, crazes, styles and practices that are being pushed now upon the young people are demonic in origin and expressively contrary to the teachings of the Bible. Satan’s policy does not change. Not only are there very evident similarities in what the demons are doing at many points in our society, but some of these are virtually identical to what has happened in other societies at former times in history. This is especially so in regard to gross sexual excess and public exhibition. There is nothing new about that; it has always been a mark of once great societies soon to be defunct (ceasing to exist).”

Commenting on a Rolling Stones, album, Phillips says, “In it the same basic Satanic programs – drugs, sex, occultism, and revolution – are thrust upon young people. Satan and the demons have created a quagmire for young people. Now they are urging them to march into it by the masses, and they are supplying the lyrics, the drumbeat, and the time. Many who venture into it, curious to see what it’s like, will sink in it and will never get back out.”

McCandlish Phillips concludes with these comments: “While it is true that the attack on youth is supernaturally planned. The only thing that will break the grip of the supernatural of Satan over young people today is the supernatural power of God.”

Mind-bending Power

Many experts agree that rock music has a mind-bending power. Rock is being used to form hatred of authority, push drug use, sex perversions, and promote Satanism in a subliminal or hypnotic fashion.

William Sargeant writes in his book, Battle for the Mind: “It should be more widely known that electrical recordings of the human brain show that it is particularly sensitive to rhythmatic stimulation by percussion and bright light, and certain rates of rhythm can build up recordable abnormalities of brain function and explosive states of tension sufficient even to produce convulsive fits. Some people can be persuaded to dance in time with such rhythms until they collapse in exhaustion. Furthermore, it is easier to disorganize the normal functions of the brain by attacking it simultaneously with several strong rhythms played in different tempos.” (Page 109).

In plain English, this means that a listener to rock music can be conditioned to accept whatever philosophy of hate and destruction that the rock musicians decide to implant. The rock music listener, after a period of time, becomes transformed into a mental zombie!

At a Rolling Stones’ concert, over 30,000 of these controlled minds watched the Hell’s Angels beat, kick, stomp and finally stab to death their fellow “long-hairs” without so much as a whimper. The crowd had been incited into brutalism by the beat of rock music.

Frank Zappa, leader of the rock group, “Mothers of Invention”, has been quoted as saying, “The loud sounds and bright lights of today are tremendous indoctrination tools. It is possible to modify the human chemical structure with the right combination of frequencies. If the right kind of beat makes you tap your foot, what kind of beat makes you curl your fist and strike?” Zappa knows that rock music can be used for indoctrination purposes. He holds a Masters degree in music from UCLA. He recently made an obscene movie called 200 Motels which showed the “glories” of drugs, Satanism, and sexual perversions.

What the Singers Say

Jimi Hendrix, before his drug-induced death, claimed to commune with spirits. Hendrix said they came to him in visions and they told him that they were establishing an “electric church” of acid, sex and rock.

In LIFE magazine (October 3, 1969, page 74) a full-page spread was devoted to Hendrix. He is quoted: “Atmospheres are going to come through music, because music is a spiritual thing of its own. You can hypnotize people with music and when you get people to the weakest point, you can preach into the subconscious what we want to say. That’s why the name ‘Electric Church’ flashes in and out. The music flows from the air; that’s why I can connect with a spirit. I had a very strange feeling that I was here for something and I was going to get a chance to be heard.”

Overuse of drugs caused Hendrix to suffocate in his own vomit before he could carry this out, but other groups have moved into his place.

Many top rock groups admit they write their songs under the influence of drugs. Timothy Leary, the former guru of LSD, claims these drugs can place one into a spiritual state where occult powers can act on a person. The mystics of the East use drugs in order to go into a trance which enables them to make contact with the spirits, and they are soon possessed by them. Drugs act as a tool to open the mind, and leave one defenseless against spiritual powers. Most of those who belong to the Church of Satan started using drugs.

The original word used in the New Testament for sorcery is “Pharmakos”, the same word from which we get the word “pharmacy” (Revelation 9:21, 18:23, 21:8, 22:15). According to the Bible, all sorcerers (drug abusers) will be destroyed unless they repent. Witches of the Middle Ages also used hallucinogenic drugs in their potions. Then, as now, drugs were used in invoking evil spiritual presences.

Music also has its place in calling up the spirits. There are cults along the Ivory Coast in Africa: the Haitian Voodoun; the Umbanda and Macumba cults of Brazil, are all musically based. In each of these, the cult members dance themselves into a frenzy and are filled with their god. These possessions are brought on by the driving beat of the music.

The same experience has been described by many rock musicians. They feel that something within them causes them to play far beyond their natural abilities.

Ginger Baker, reputed to be the world’s top rock drummer is quoted, “It happens to us quite often – it feels as though I’m not playing my instrument, something else is playing it, and that same thing is playing all three of our instruments. It’s frightening sometimes! Maybe we’ll all play the same phrase out of nowhere. It happens very often with us.”

There is a form of spirit communication called “automatic writing” in which the cultist relinquishes control of himself and gives himself over to the influence of spirits. These spirits guide the writer’s hand to form letters, words, and sometimes whole essays. When writing in this manner, the person does not even know what the next word will be that he will write. These writings commonly contain questionings and derisions of the Deity of Christ.

This is exactly what many rock musicians say happened when they write lyrics. The songs come out highly unified and structured, but the writer just writes what comes to him; very often in a drug-induced trance. For example: in a recent issue of Hit Parader, the leader of the super group, Black Sabbath, says that they just started writing their own material and the group “evolved” into what it is today.

Another rock group, Atomic Rooster, sings a song about a black snake being in a black hole hiding from the sun – until the time comes. They go on to say that this snake hiding in the darkness is the force that makes all the brothers and sisters go wild. In other songs they take on the name of Satan and sing as though they are his mouthpiece, such as their song, “Devils Answer”.

In a recent Warner Brothers album, Master of Reality, Black Sabbath promotes the devil as “Lord of this World”, who takes souls. Instead of encouraging listeners to fear eternity with Satan, the songs urge them to turn to Satan when they die: “The soul I took from you want not even missed, Lord of this World, Evil Possessor. Lord of this World, he’s your confessor now… but will you turn to me when it is your turn to die?”

Rock musician Jim Morrison of the Doors in Miami, Florida, was fined for indecent exposure while on stage before 12,000 young people. He openly invited them to illicit sex with one another while exposing himself.

Morrison chants from his hit record, “The Soft Parade”: “When I was back there in seminary school, there was a person there who put forth the proposition that you can petition the Lord with prayer…” This particular record goes on to blaspheme God and promote Satan. Morrison says that calling on God is like calling on a dog. His songs are laced with drugs, death and sexual perversions of every type. He encourages adultery and knife killing. He invites his listeners to “follow me down”. Morrison often screams at his audiences, “Cancel my reservation to the resurrection”.

Ian Anderson of the Jethro Tull group says in the album, Aquaking: “We are our own saviors, if Jesus saves, then he’d better save himself”.

In the Rolling Stones album, Satanic Majestic, Mick Jagger seems to be singing as though he is the Devil himself: “I’ve stole many a man’s soul. I was around when Jesus Christ had his moment, made d—n sure Pilate sealed his (Jesus) fate, - pleased to meet you, - hope you guess my name.”

In another song, the Stones actually invite listeners to surrender themselves to Satan: ‘Turn off your mind, relax, float down stream; lay down all thoughts, surrender to the voice, and meet shining Satan:

Joan Baez flaunts her homosexuality when she sings, “Double Your Pleasure”.

Rock stars, Lou Reed and David Bowie, sing songs promoting homosexuality while attired in panty hose, rouge, mascara and high heels. Bowie, who records for RCA Victor, brags that he is a bisexual. Bowie’s wife is an admitted lesbian.

How Important Is Satanism To Rock Music?

If you listen to the rock hits, “Stray Cat Blues” or “Midnight Rambler”, you will gain insight into Mick Jaggar and how he could be involved in scoring a motion picture about devil worship called Invocation To My Demon Brother. Starring as Lucifier is Bobby Beausoleil, who, along with Susan Atkins, was held for the murder of Gary Hinman. Hinman had allowed Miss Atkins and Beausoleil, along with Charles Manson, the leader of their cult, to live in his home. Hinman, like actress Sharon Tate and others, died in what was described as a ritual murder.

Another actor in the film scored by Jaggar was Anton LaVey of the Satanic Church in San Fransisco. The Lyrics to Jagger’s song “Midnight Rambler”, - “…I’ll stick my knife right down your throat, baby.” Isn’t that what happened to Sharon Tate?

Consider the Beatles influence on Charles Manson, the master-mind of the Tate-LaBianca massacre. He envisioned the Beatles as prophets and believed the lyrics in their songs were guidelines for a coming revolution.

Manson may have been helped in this belief by the album cover of the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, where John Lennon is giving a Satanic salute, or the cover of Two Virgins, where one of the only things Lennon is wearing is an amulet containing symbol familiar to devil worshippers. The police found words from Beatle songs written in blood on the walls of the Tate and LaBianca homes.

The News Reports

Perverted sex is a frequent theme of rock music as it attacks the family, motherhood, and all that is normally considered to be the American ethic.

The New York Times reported: “Rock music makes frequent references to the expanded benefit of drugs…Christian ritual comes in for a bad time.”

TIME magazine records the Rolling Stones’ manager: “Rock music is sex and you have to hit them (the teenagers) in the face with it.”

In Harper’s magazine: “The language of rock is grounded in sexuality”.

Again in TIME, the Jefferson Airplane says, “The stage is our bed and the audience our whore. We’re not entertaining, we’re making love.”

The Fort Lauderdale News reported that Jim Morrison of the Doors exposed his private parts before some 12,000 young people and said: “Man, I’d like to see some nakedness around here. Grab your friend and love him. There are no laws. There are no rules.” The local judge later called the performance, “a conspiracy to corrupt the morals of our youth.”

In the magazine, Commonweal, the Beatles admit their songs have perverted and indecent sexual overtones.

Some of the most obnoxious lyrics come from the recordings of Bob Dylan: “Wet Dream Over You”, “Group Grope”, and many others.

In the Rolling Stones’ “Let’s spend the Night Together”, youths are told to fornicate. It is the same in “ I can’t Get No Satisfaction”. TIME magazine quotes Mick Jagger: “The Public doesn’t understand the dirtiest lines.”

One radio station banned a rock record; “…because the lyrics and the beat implied sexual intercourse in a car…” but, the record still made it to the top of the best-selling list.

Former U.S. Senator, James Buckley of New York, has noted: “Rock music is not just symptomatic of the breakdown of our society, it is one of its major contributing factors. Many of the problems with our young people can be traced directly back to the music. It is not a case of music reflecting society, but rather a case of music contributing to the immoral breakdown of our society.”

The Facts

Rock musicians boast that they have, “sexually liberated” us. Their songs urge adultery, fornication, and homosexuality. However, the American Medical Association gives statistics that show the heavy toll that rock music has taken.

Starting with 1960 as a base year before acid rock had swamped the nation, note the following: One out of ten persons aged 15 – 24 will get a VD each year; or 5,500 new cases reported each day. (The AMA concedes only 11 percent of the cases are ever reported.) In the words of the AMA, venereal disease is past the epidemic stage, it is a “pandemic”. These ages 15 – 24 are the years in which rock music has the most effect with its invitations to promiscuity and illicit sex. In large urban areas, one out of five high school students have VD, (a disease that can eventually cause blindness and death).

Among girls under 18, prostitution is up 318 percent since 1960. Rape arrest for boys under 18 has more than doubled in a ten year period. Drug arrests are up 3,109 percent. teenage suicides are rampant, and our mental hospitals are filled with youngsters who have blown their minds on drugs promoted by rock lyrics.

In Summary
With devil worshippers reaching into the hundreds and thousands in America, and cults spreading throughout the world; adults must realize that children do not have the ability to distinguish the dangers in rock music. Just as Satanic worship has frequently started with astrology, or a Ouija board, so, too, has rebellion, Satanism, drug addiction, immorality and disease has been brought to our young people through something as simple as rock music.

The Answer

Former U.S. Senator James Buckley and McCandlish Phillips of the New York Times agree – rock music is a clear and present danger to the people of this nation! It is not merely a symptom, but one of the major causes of the problems of our young people today.

If we do nothing to stop the ravages of Satanic, hard rock music and occultism, we will be forced to “write off” this generation – and the world in which we live as well.

Finally, again quoting McCandlish Phillips: “The only thing that will break the grip of the supernatural of Satan over young people today is the supernatural power of God.”

Author’s note: Today, Rock stars hold sway over our society. They have their own reality TV shows. Their opinions are sought after and quoted as respected authorities on the vital issues of our times. The Beatles have been given the title of “Sir” by the Queen of England. Paul McCartney within this year has performed at the White House, and shamelessly condemned the former President of the USA to the pleasure of most in attendance. Recently, a former governor of the state of Minnesota, was quoted saying, “Rock music is legal, so we should legalize marijuana, they go together.”

Mike Stock, one third of the legendary English pop group, Stock, Aitkin and Waterman, is quoted saying, as late as August 11, 2010; “The music industry has gone too far. It’s not about me being old fashioned. It’s about keeping values that are important in the modern world. These days you can’t watch modern stars like Britany Spears or Lady Gaga with a two-year old. Ninety-nine per cent of Rock music is soft pornography.”

“Wake-up Christian, discern the signs of the time; the spirit of anti-christ is loose in our world and gaining ground. Pray for an awakening! Pray for Revival! Pray that God will show you how to do your part in the day in which we live.”

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