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The Lions and Daniel's Den
by Timothy Gerbig

One of the best-known stories in the Bible is found in the 6th chapter of Daniel. We all know the story of the king who was deceived into betraying Daniel, and having him thrown into a den of lions. Miraculously, the lions could not touch Daniel, and the next morning, the king rushed to the the den to find Daniel still alive.

There is a great lesson in this story: no matter who or what comes against you, if you're faithful to God, He can deliver you. No king, lion, law, government, or army can separate you from the protection and promise of God.

However, there is another lesson that I believe is just as powerful, but it requires you to view this story from an entirely different perspective. In fact, I believe we've made a mistake in how we tell the story of Daniel and the lions' den.

We've had it all backwards.

The Bible tells us in Deuteronomy 11:24 that God had already promised His people that everywhere they set the soles of their feet, they will possess the land. It was the lions' den when they carried Daniel to it. Daniel let him have it back when he left. But the moment that Daniel's feet touched the ground in that den, it belonged to him. There is no story of Daniel and the lions' den, but there is an amazing story of the lions and Daniel's den.

Now, that may seem like a minor detail, or just an interesting perspective, but please allow me to explain. The ruler of the land is able to decide its laws. The U.S. Constitution doesn't mean anything in Europe. Sharia law is not honored in Israel. No nation lets another determine its laws.

The lions lived under the law of nature. The law of nature is eat to survive, and a lion can eat whatever or whomever he pleases.

As a man of God, Daniel lived under a higher law, the law of God's promise. Daniel had refused to diminish his calling to the law of the land when prayer was outlawed. Daniel had decided to dwell in a place of prayer, to live as a citizen of Heaven.

When that den belonged to the lions, the law of nature ruled. The lions heard the thump of Daniel's body and thought, "We have a need to feed, and here is meat to eat!" but the moment Daniel's feet hit the ground, the land belonged to him. That den no longer fell under the law of nature, but the law of God's promise, and that meant the lions had no right to bite!

All the rules changed for the praying man, because the presence of a praying man changes the law of the land. A prayer warrior is a diplomat from Heaven, and has diplomatic immunity from the laws of nature and disease. The laws of nature and the forces of physics will bend and bow to the promise of God.

We often think that when we pray, we are begging God to step down from his throne and break the rules of creation for us. The reality is, His promise was there long before your problem, and that promise is the highest law in all of creation. God's promise is so powerful that even He can't break it.

If you choose the way of God's promise, your life is not your own, but neither are your trials. You walk the path that God has ordained you. If that path takes you to the land of cancer, then the cancer will submit to God's will. It is not the story of your battle with cancer, but cancer's losing battle with the Almighty God.

The path of the ordinary man will be easy, smooth, and lead to nowhere. The path of promise will lead you into the valley of the shadow of death, time after time after time, but no weapon formed against you will prosper, whether it be disease, prison, or the mouth of the lion.

So in your next trial, remember the lesson of the lions and Daniel's den. Dwell in the place of continual prayer, possess the land of your trial, and demand your situation submit to the power of God's promise. Then you will someday tell the story of the lions and your den.

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