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Costly Experiment
by: Bishop David Fuller
Vice Chairmen, AWCF

My spiritual forefathers paid a tremendous price for the gospel. Some of them had rotten eggs and rotten tomatoes thrown at them. In some cities and towns they were driven out of town. Yet they fasted, prayed, and believed God, and as a result they established great churches throughout the nation.

The message never changes! The message that worked in the book of Acts and in the early part of the twentieth century still works today. I realize we have to change our methods from time to time to meet the new challenges of a culture. However, the message must remain the same!

Some pastors are like President Obama. They promise change, but cannot assure what the results will be. The President promised to change America. Many voted for him without asking what the changes would be and what would be the results. When he took office in 2009 the average price for gas in the nation was $1.68 a gallon according to Consumer Reports. Now the average price is $3.59. We are told that we may soon be paying from $5 to $6 per gallon. We cannot afford many changes like that!

The emergent church movement has set out to change the way we worship. So many new translations of the Bible are coming out that it is difficult to keep up with them. I read many translations. Some bring more clarity, but in all honesty some takes away some of the true meaning of the text.

Sometimes change is good. Sometimes it harms more than it helps. The emphasis seems to be on being more “seeker friendly.” Great care is taken not to offend. Many pastors want people to feel comfortable and have produced a “feel good” type of church atmosphere. The real question should be is God pleased or not. The book of Psalms is our praise and worship book. It tells us how God wants to be praised.

Sometimes the gospel message does make people feel uncomfortable. I remember services where people felt so uncomfortable that they came almost running to the front wanting to get right with God! They were weeping as they came. That is being quite uncomfortable. The sinner sometimes must be made to feel uncomfortable before he feels a need for God in his life.

We should always show love and concern and never purposely be offensive. Nevertheless, greater care should be taken not to offend God than anything else. He gave us the gospel and we must be careful how we handle it! It is not ours since we are only stewards of what God has given us!

No one really knows what the results are going to be with all of the changes of the emergent church movement. All changes should be made carefully and prayerfully. I know that there is room for improvement in our presentation, but we cannot improve upon the Person of the gospel!

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