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Why God Really Hates Homosexuality
By Bishop Bob Sharp – AWCF Secretary of International Ministries

Upon reading the recent article from Bishop Samuel Smith, “No Saints In Sodom”, my mind went back to a book I had read several years ago by Alan Sears & Craig Osten entitled “The Homosexual Agenda”. I pulled the book from my shelf and reread enough of it to come to the determination that Satan is trying with all the forces of hell to force homosexuality down the throats of every American.

We have heard it said that “homosexuality is just another sin and God is a merciful God and will surely forgive this sin also”. But when I go to the Word of God I find that God views homosexuality differently than other sins. The Bible calls it an abomination, that which is abhorred by God and warrants death to the offender.

I then began to realize why God despises the act of homosexuality. We must start in the beginning, back to the creation of Adam and Eve.

We find in the creation story in Genesis 1:28, that after God created every creature, including man, He issued His first commandment; “Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the Earth, and subdue it”. So the primal purpose of creation was to fill the earth with the offspring of His handiwork in the very image of Himself. This commandment gave Godly significance to the sexual relationship between a man and a woman. God wanted man to exercise the dominion He had given him by filling the Earth with His offspring and that each new generation would give greater glory to God.

In today’s world there are numerous factors that work against this original commandment from God. Homosexuality of course is number one because man and man, or woman and woman cannot reproduce. The homosexual community has tried to fill this emptiness in their relationship with adoption, (but it still took a man and woman to produce the adopted child), lesbians have had artificial insemination and in vitriol fertilization but it still takes the female egg and the male seed to accomplish this. So God’s commandment is still not fulfilled and the lifestyle is still abomination to God.

But there are other aspects of today’s lifestyles that I believe are equally disobedient to God’s initial commandment. Abortion, which is truthfully murder of a living fetus, stifles a life before the child is even given a chance feel the love of a mother and father. Mankind has become so callused, that an unborn fetus can be pulled feet first from the mother’s womb, with only the upper portion of the head remaining in the birth canal, a sharp instrument pierces the back of the neck and an egg beater type device scrambles the brain while the child wiggles and wreaths in pain, and we are told it’s ok because the child had never taken a breath. If this causes great sorrow on our part, how much more must it sting the very heart of God?

Then there is birth control, which is not murder, but blocks one of the main purposes that God created man and woman for. In Genesis 38:9, when Onan spilled his seed on the ground instead of fulfilling his duty to his dead brother’s wife, God was displeased and slew him. Here again, we see mankind trying to use the pleasures of sex for only self gratification and not to fulfill the commandment of God.

Lastly, greed and materialism have become the way of life for America and most of the industrialized world. We tend to look down on the families with 7 or 8 or God forbid 12 children, we think “what’s wrong with them, don’t they know what causes all those kids?” We want the American dream, two cars in the garage, one of them new and expensive (BMW or better), bigger and bigger houses, so big we have to have someone come in and clean them for us, (no criticism intended), money in the bank, outdo the neighbors, be proud, be important, etc. I’ve heard the statement many times in my pastoral career, “If we have any more children, I can’t have the “toys” I want”, or “Well I couldn’t give another child the things that he really needs.” Have we forgotten that what children need the most is the love of two parents that will raise them up in righteousness and teach them the ways of God?

The two families on The Learning Channel that have 19 kids, the Duggars from Arkansas and the Bates from Missouri, receive hate mail, extensive criticism and even occasional threats from viewers. They are told they have too many children and their green footprint is harming the world. Now who is the crazy one? If you closely view these programs and follow their lives, you will find the children are well educated, well mannered, chaste and godly in word and deed. There modesty and un-promiscuousness is so inbreed that they don’t date without a chaperon or even kiss until marriage. And in both cases these families have been blessed to the extent that not one child has ever had to “do without”. We remember as a child that it was nothing to have neighbors with 8 to 12 children. I come from a family of seven and we never starved or did without the real necessities of life, although I never had a $350 pair of Nikes.

In finalization, I don’t know if we should proclaim that every couple (that’s one man and one woman) should produce all the children they possibly could, but the Islamic community is reproducing at a rate almost five times greater than the Christian community. At this rate, all Islam has to do is wait a few generations and they will convert the world through obeying the original commandment of God in Genesis 1. In summation, God had an original plan for populating the Earth, and like so many of His other commandments, many have pushed them aside for self pleasure, greed and materialism.

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