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The "Dominant Lie"
by Andrew Strom

Let me place this question before you: Is there one dominant, over-riding LIE that the devil has sold the Western world in the last forty years or so, that greatly hinders men and women coming to Christ? I believe so.

Let's think for a moment about the 'strongholds' and "dominant lies" which the devil has established in this modern generation - and which hinder people today from believing the gospel. A man wrote to me one time and mentioned that we can't preach "sin" these days, because many young people hardly know what sin is any more. The man is absolutely right. (And of course, this totally strips the gospel of it's historic power). But since when has this been the case?

There can be no doubt that the watershed or "revolution" that ushered in this worldview largely occurred in the late 1960s.Here is what it amounted to (particularly amongst the youth)- "Sin" as a concept was suddenly abolished. Moral absolutes were thrown out. Everything
became no longer black or white, but varying shades of grey. "Be happy, feel free, do what you want, cast off the shackles of outmoded morals and values.

Be liberated. Do what you feel..." etc. And so it still is today. A completely 'non-judgemental' (ie. no right or wrong) approach to everything. So long as you don't "hurt" anybody, you can do as you please. You can sleep with anyone (of any sex), you can abort your babies, you can taste any pleasure, you can believe in any 'god' (including yourself). As many commen- tators have noted, today the worst sin you can be accused of is being "judgmental". (And then will come the storm: "How dare you apply your value system to ME? How dare you call what I'm doing 'wrong'?")

Thus in many ways, 'Sin' has almost ceased to exist in people's thinking and beliefs. And if you wipe out the concept of 'Sin', then you wipe out a massive part of the basic gospel itself. For the only reason Jesus had to come was to DEAL WITH MEN'S SIN. If there is no onsciousness of sin, then the gospel ceases to make any sense. Why do I need forgiveness? Why do I need to repent? Why did Jesus die in the first place? The cross is made of NO EFFECT without a consciousness of Sin.

This is why all the great Revivalists emphasised Sin, and the only remedy -Jesus. If you feel you have little sin, then you will feel little need of Jesus. And then the gospel can become neutralized. The devil knows this. He has seen many Revivals and he knows if he can stop
people becoming convicted of their sin, then he can stop them from responding to the gospel in significant numbers. Why is there hardly any conviction of sin amongst today's generation? Because in the 1960's the whole concept of it was virtually abolished (and still is). It's as simple as that.

Now, if we wish to see true Revival amongst today's generation, what do we need to do? REFUTE THIS DOMINANT LIE. We have no option. We need to re-introduce and preach the concept of "sin" again. No consciousness of sin - no true conversion. For what is there to repent of? The gospel almost entirely loses it's power without this.

Ever since the late 1960s we can see the fruit of this "dominant lie" in the complete mess that modern relationships have become. Teenage sex, single mothers, abortions skyrocketing, absent fathers, an epidemic of divorce, drugs, broken families, poverty, etc. What were the results of throwing away all morality and restraint? What were the results of 'free love' and "if it feels good, do it"? It is all there for everyone to see. But the sad fact is, this lie is now so dominant and so ingrained that it would take almost a literal "revolution" again to topple it. It utterly dominates today's Christianity, as well as the world.

May there indeed come such a 'revolution', my friends. May the "John-the-Baptist" preachers rise again! May conviction of sin return, that
people might run to Jesus - the only one who can wash away their sins and truly make them clean.

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God bless you all,
-Andrew Strom

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