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New Book Release by Bishop Samuel Smith

Come Home America

Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. Proverbs 14:34

COME HOME AMERICA, is 218 pages, with 16 chapters. The cost is $17.50 per copy, (includes postage and handling),

Send check or money order to AWCF, P.O. Box 3924, Evansville, IN 47737

Bishop Samuel Smith’s latest book. COME HOME AMERICA, An urgent call for a decadent nation to return to God, while there is still time to repent.

This book contains 16 chapters, 218 pages. Information contains: What our forefathers really believed about God; America was definitely founded as a Christian nation! The preambles of every state’s constitution praise God! Islam exposed as an anti-Christ religion. The truth about the origin of Roman Catholicism. The satanic origin of Rock Music. Exposing the utter foolishness of atheism. Historical truth that proves water baptism in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Defending Apostolic doctrine. A call for Revival and spiritual renewal. And much more.

Come Home America can be ordered at:


P.O. Box 3924

Evansville, IN 47737

Please enclose $17.50, includes postage and handling Your copy will be mailed ASAP