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Submitted at the 37th Annual AWCF World Congress in Evansville, Indiana

Greetings in the all-powerful name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that this day finds you well and blessed. I consider this a high honor to address the elite of the Earth today, the ministers of God, whom He has chosen to lead His people, “the apple of His eye.”

With great sadness we note the passing of another one of the legends of the Apostolic movement, who served our Lord and faithfully promoted the AWCF around the World, Bishop G.D. Peters. I was honored to be one of the speakers at his homegoing service in Kingsport Tennessee, August, 2007.

The Lord has favored the AWCF during the past year. Since our last World Congress, I have had the privilege of attending many campmeetings, conferences, and seminars, throughout our fellowship; it is encouraging to see the progress of the AWCF, everywhere. You will hear many of these good reports, regional, national, and international, in this business session today.

Bishop Fuller and Evangelist Cathey have been active in Europe; Brother Wachtstetter has had great success in Eastern Europe and the old Soviet Republics. Brother Bob Morgans has made several successful ventures into Africa.

Pastors Steve Barley, Bob Ritter, and Jonathan Suber accompanied me, leading an AWCF delegation to the Philippines in November, 2007, for our 12th Annual AWCF Asian Conference. During December, I ministered at the annual leadership conference of the Apostolic Church of Ethiopia in Addis Ababa. In February, 2008, I ministered in Nassau, Bahamas, and elevated Bishop J. Rodney Roberts to the chairmanship of the Bahaman AWCF.

The AWCF Youth Conference, last July, 2007, in Nashville was exceptionally anointed and all who attended were blessed. There will be two AWCF Youth Conferences this year, 2008, the first in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and the second in Los Angeles, California.

The AWCF has invitations to visit a number of international events this summer and autumn.

The 13th Annual AWCF Asian Conference in October will be an exceptional event. It is always well attended and especially anointed. Every AWCF delegate that goes with us will get an opportunity to visit area churches and minister.

We plan to be in Manila, Philippines, this year at the same time that the Jesus Miracle Crusade Ministries will be celebrating their anniversary service, that will be attended by well over 100,000. I have attended this awesome event before. These services, in addition to the annual crusade in Ethiopia, are among the largest Christian events in the world, and they both are solid Apostolic.

The AWCF has now moved into new headquarters facilities, a nine office suite located at 421 N. Main St., in Evansville.

You will note in your packet the large increase in Executive Council membership, as well as a large increase in Independent Churches and Ministers. You will also note in the annual financial report a significant increase in income and an impressive report of AWCF sowing into World Missions, for which we are thankful.

We are also including in your packet an article written by a good friend of the AWCF, Captain Ron Knott. You will find the article is a masterpiece with regards to our doctrinal position. Needless to say, doctrine does make a difference. The first church, “continued steadfastly in the apostles doctrine and in fellowship.”

Apostle Paul said, “I am not ashamed of the Gospel, it is the power of God unto salvation.” Jesus said, “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” I personally feel that the lamenation from the prophet Isaiah is more relevant today than ever, “Truth is fallen in the street.” How can we expect Apostolic destiny if we disregard Apostolic history? The history of the Apostolic church in the Acts of the Apostles is glorious. Our forefathers in this faith blazed a glorious path for us. We are now in position to lead this nation and this world into end-time Revival. A world in crisis demands a church in Revival! We must be prayerful and careful that we do not become deceived by “gold or personal glory,” and lose our focus. The “New Birth is not an option.” The Tabernacle plan was thorough and exact. Paul warned , “If this gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost.” We are “watchmen on the wall,” and any Bible scholar knows the dire consequences that will befall the “watchman” if he does not warn those whom souls are entrusted to him. Their blood is upon his hands!

The AWCF proposes that we can be devoted to this great cause without being judgmental, or harsh. Along with our outreach to the unsaved, we do need to pursue a dialogue with non-apostolics, how else can our “lights” shine? We propose that we can and must be evangelical and seek dialogue without compromising vital biblical truths.

Again, I close my annual State of the Fellowship address with the following quote by the famed author, William Shakespeare: “There is a tide in the affairs of men which taken at the flood, leads to fortune; omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat; and we must take the current when it serves or lose our venture.” (Julius Caesar, Act IV) Surely, our “vision and purpose” exceeds that of Shakespeare.

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