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by: Ron Knott

Much credit must be given to the scores of Pastors and Teachers who have taught and wrote about this soul saving message for years. Most of this study is Scripture and of course God gets the credit for that. I am also thankful for the understanding of my family for allowing me the many hours of research required for this report.

The Enternity Fraternity

The Japanese Airline Captain navigated his DC-8 jetliner safely and efficiently across the Pacific Ocean toward a scheduled landing at San Francisco International Airport. The 5000 mile flight was faultless en-route. The passengers were excited about arriving at their designation and friends and family were anxiously awaiting their arrival at the gate. The descent into SFO started at about 125 nautical miles from the airport. The final approach appeared normal in all aspects although the airport was engulfed with heavy fog. This is no problem for landing if proper procedures are followed for an instrument approach. However, it was discovered later, by data taken from the flight recorder and the cockpit voice recorder, that an incorrect frequency had been dialed into the instrument landing system (ILS). This caused an erroneous report on the instruments in the cockpit and directed the DC-8 to land in San Francisco Bay 500 feet short of the runway. All on board were lost. This tragic accident could have been prevented if only proper procedures had been followed all the way to touchdown. This one minute-error in supervision caused all to be lost. The Captain completed 99.9% of his flight flawlessly yet an oversight just 500 feet from the airport destroyed all.

Dan Brown tried to defame Jesus in his publishing of the “Da Vinci Code.” Ron Howard added more error to the story in the movie. Unfortunately, many so-called Christian Organizations are watering down the deity of Jesus as well. They have changed from ‘fact to fiction’ on Bible doctrines that are contrary to God’s plan for man. It is time for us to proclaim to the world who Jesus Christ really is.

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