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Evangelist Jonathan Suber

AWCF World Evangelism Director
Shreveport, LA

My Journey With the AWCF

My journey with the AWCF did not begin through rhetoric or with the political posturing of bitterness, but rather through relationship with Godly men. As I journeyed through life, seeking after the ways of the Holy Spirit I was amazed at the diversity of races, organizations, and ministries I met that believed exactly the way I taught and practiced all my life. I would eventually discover many of these men and groups were connected. Even though many were from different denominations, organizations and cultures, they still knew many of the same people I knew. I have literally met brethren from around the world that have never met one another, but feel connected to a much larger family than that of their local ministries. It was several years after first hearing of this alliance of ministries that I truly began to understand the broad scope and potential of this wonderful concept. The core value of the AWCF is the prayer request of Jesus, That We Might All Be One!

My late Father, Paul Suber, joined the AWCF in the latter nineties while pastoring in Mississippi after years as a missionary to West Africa. This is when I began to be introduced to a completely new world! He traveled to Europe with Bishop David Fuller and came back so excited at what he experienced in France and Switzerland. He began to explain to me how he was meeting ministers from around the world who had the freedom to be autonomous ,yet have a covering of friendship and accountability at the same time. Yet it was not until after his death in 2005 that I was able to actually see for myself what made him so excited…

I was so surprised yet profoundly honored when asked to speak at the Annual International Convocation in Evansville in May 2006. Although I was still a member of a different organization and was attending only as a guest and speaker, I was forever impacted by the diversity, unity, and international flavor of the meeting. I had never been exposed to anything like it, although I had preached diverse camps and conferences for different Apostolic groups around the world. We were treated with such love and acceptance even though we were different from many in attendance. It was in Evansville where I met great leaders such as Bishop Bell, Bishop Scott, Bishop Roberts, Bishop Haddon, Bishop Green, Pastor Bobby Stewart, Pastor Shoulders, Bishop Bob Williams, and Bishop Jim Baker. The list could go on and on of International ministries from Bahamas, London, Geneva, Paris, Ethiopia, Haiti, Italy, Mexico and everywhere in between. These are just a few of the contacts and ministries we met at the very first meeting….

It was after this meeting that I asked Bishop Smith if I could become a part of the AWCF. I wanted to be a part of doing the ministry of Jesus in the earth today, which is releasing and practicing the doctrine of the reconciliation of His Body! From that moment till now, I have been amazed at how fast this concept is continuing to catch on around the world. The AWCF is growing so fast internationally that it is hard to keep up with all the new groups and organizations that are asking for fellowship. I believe Bishop Samuel Smith is uniquely qualified for this task as he leads and counsels’ pastors and leaders from all across the globe to be a part of this End Time Revolution of Unity! After traveling with Bishop Smith overseas last year I am convinced he operates in the role of a New Testament Apostle with the gifts and mantle that goes with such an office!

For the last couple of years I have enjoyed so much the unique distinctions that make The Apostolic World Christian Fellowship so unique. One of the greatest differences from other ministerial fellowships is that the AWCF is not an organization or denomination in its own right. It is simply a community of over 180 autonomous and individual organizations. I like to call it an apostolic clearing- house where one can certainly find a place to belong in its diverse community of leaders.

Three major distinctions highlight the unique position of the Apostolic World Christian Fellowship.

  • Fellowship without Control- This is a group of like-minded men and women who celebrate the autonomy of the local church. Ministries that are extremely diverse in style, culture, and doctrinal distinctions come together as the Body of Christ in World Evangelism and Harvest. Although there is structure and leadership for the necessities of doing business, there is no hierarchy or control. It is truly a band of brothers! The Blood of Jesus and the glorious call of the Cross alone link us together as a Band of Brothers!
  • Evangelization without Colonization- The celebration of racial and international diversity is one of the greatest attributes of the AWCF. In meetings all over the United States, we have witnessed such unity among different races, denominations and cultures. This is even more evident with the International Ministries Department of the AWCF. Under the covering of Bishop Smith, our International Ministries Coordinator Bishop David Fuller has done a tremendous job networking ministries from all across the globe. Our mission is simply The Great Commission! We are meeting Apostolic groups from around the world that are searching for an Apostolic structure and community without having to surrender their national or cultural identities. It is so exciting to celebrate the uniqueness of the indigenous churches while coming beside them to only encourage and strengthen without asking them to surrender their autonomy!
  • Covering and Accountability- The AWCF is primarily a network of Bishops, Senior Pastors, and denominational leaders that maintain fellowship and position within ones perspective area of ministry and influence. However, there is an accountability structure in place where the independent, autonomous ministry can thrive within the fellowship while maintaining ones unique distinctions. So many ministries are finding the AWCF to be a place where one can be open, honest, and allowed to follow ones individual passion and calling! Each time I meet new friends through this alliance, I am amazed at the mutual respect and desire for true unity among New Testament Apostolics. Although I pastor an independent church, I do not consider myself to be alone or without accreditation and accountability. I appreciate so much the men and women of the AWCF that have afforded us a home and true New Testament Christian Koininia!

If you are searching for a place to belong while continuing your unique journey in ministry, I would highly recommend The Apostolic World Christian Fellowship.

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