2018 World Congress Speakers

Charles Laster II
AWCF Minister of Music

One of the highlights of our Annual World Conference is being ushered into the Presence of God by none other than Pastor Charles Laster II.

Charles is an International Recording Artist who has teamed up with some of the top Gospel Singers and Worship Leaders to create a sound that is touching the world

Prophetess LaShawn Yvonne Traylor
Tuesday, May 29th @ 10am

Prophetess LaShawn Yvonne Traylor appeals on both her personal life and social entrepreneurial experiences to support women in achieving business, ministry, and personal success. It’s her passion, her purpose, and her practice. She is a Professional Certified Life Coach, highly skilled leader, motivational speaker, and a gifted preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

LaShawn Traylor is a highly anointed, vibrant, and powerful prophetess called from her mother’s womb. The ministry that God has placed inside of her is dynamic and can be witnessed whenever she goes forth! Lives are changed, people are set free, and the glory of God’s presence is manifested through her ministry!

Pastor Dee Jay Shoulders
Tuesday, May 29th @ 7pm

Dee Jay Shoulders serves as Pastor of the First Apostolic Church in Nashville, Tennessee where he has held that position for the last 14 years. Before that he served as an assistant to his father, Bishop Billy D. Shoulders and before that he was a full time evangelist along with his wife Sis. Karla Shoulders. They have two boys, Preston 22 and Peyton 18. He has also traveled abroad preaching the Gospel and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ in Argentina, Chile, Bangladesh, Canada, Mexico, India and Beirut, Lebanon.

He is also a Chaplain with the Metro Nashville Police Department. Pastor Shoulders also currently serves as the Chairman of the Associated Brotherhood of Christians.

Bishop Lionel J. Traylor
Wednesday, May 30th

Bishop Lionel J. Traylor is the founder of The Epicenter Church, located in the heart of Jackson, MS. A ministry which serves hundreds of worshipers weekly. As mandated by God, Lionel J. Traylor’s objective has been to establish the kind of ministry that is dedicated to improving communities, the underprivileged, families, individuals, and the body of Christ worldwide. With over 18 years in ministry and almost 11 years of pastoring, Bishop Traylor is a well-known and respected spiritual leader, reformer, and trend-setter for change in both the religious and secular arena. With a burning passion for souls, he is committed to bringing God’s word to the masses at any and all cost!

A native of New Orleans, Louisiana, Bishop Lionel J. Traylor received the vision for The Epicenter Church in the year 2010. He held the church’s first worship service in a store-front mall with only twelve people in attendance. Over the years, the ministry has grown rapidly and within five years the congregation has moved from the store-front mall to owning its own facility seating 1,000 people. In less than only five years, the vision of Bishop Lionel J. Traylor continues to expand and is a model that a "greenhorn” ministry can be emulated anywhere in the world.

Bishop Traylor's educational accomplishments includes having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theology at Cavalry Theological Seminary of Lake Charles, LA., and Certification in Faith-Based Counseling, from the American Academy of Crisis Counseling, Rockdale, TX.

Bishop Traylor has preached the Gospel nationwide and have shared platforms with national and international speakers and leaders, appearing on both TBN and The Word Network respectively.

With almost two decades of ministry, marriage, and eight wonderful kids between them, The Traylors' are favored by God and have been positioned for greatness.

Ordained Licenses With:
*Pentecostal Assemblies of The World (PAW)
*Apostolic World Christian Fellowship (AWCF)

Pastor Efraim Valverde II
Wednesday, May 30th

Pastor Efraim Valverde II is an International Conference speaker and teacher who serves and ministers as the Spiritual Overseer of Restoration Ministries International, a fellowship with churches in the United States, Mexico, Central and South America. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of Regional Directors with the AWCF (Apostolic World Christian Fellowship).

Pastor Valverde has authored numerous articles and several books, two of them being: “Kingdoms in Conflict,” and “Daniel’s Seventy Weeks.” These are being translated into the English language and should be available at the AWCF World Congress in May 2018. The pastor is also a passionate and accomplished musician who loves to sing old Spanish/English gospel and classical sacred songs as he accompanies himself on the piano. The vision and tasks that Pastor Valverde is responsible for are undergirded through an early morning and evening Phone Prayer Line that is sustained with a core group of international intercessors.


Bishop Degu Kebede
Thursday Morning Keynote Speaker
Thursday, May 31

Bishop Degu Kebede, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is the General Chairman of the largest Apostolic organization in the world. The Apostolic Church of Ethiopia, with 5.3 million members in Ethiopia, in addition to associated fellowships of believers throughout Europe and North America.

Bishop Degu, is the successor of the legendary, beloved founder of the ACE, Bishop Teklemariam Gezahagne. Bishop Degu presides over the entire fellowship of the ACE and associated chapters as a faithful shepherd, and wise guardian of the Apostolic message. Each year, in the month of March, Ethiopia is the site of one of the largest Christian events worldwide, the Warra Bethel Crusade, near Awassa, Ethiopia, with over a half million in attendance for three days. Those who have been fortunate to attend, all state that it is one of the most incredible experiences of their lifetime.

Bishop Degu is an extremely anointed preacher of the Gospel of Christ. He has blessed our conference with challenging messages two times previously. He will minister at the Thursday, May 31, daytime service of the AWCF World Congress, beginning at 10 a.m., Crowne Plaza Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky. In addition, an Ethiopian choir will bless us with worship and praise. Do not miss this historic day!

Bishop Kenneth Phillips
Thursday Evening Keynote Speaker
Thursday, May 31 @ 7pm

Bishop Kenneth Phillips, Austin, Texas, is the pastor of the one of the truly most successful and notable Apostolic churches in the United States, the Promiseland Church in Austin. Bishop Phillips, has championed the Apostolic message throughout his lifetime, and rightfully gained legendary status among his peers.

His credits include roles of being one of the most effective evangelists in the United Pentecostal Church International. He has blessed thousands with his anointed ministry in massive crusades and major conferences, nationally and internationally. You will find no one in our fellowship anywhere, with a greater passion for souls and vision for Worldwide Apostolic Revival, than Bishop Kenneth Phillips.

He will bring the Thursday evening message, May 31, 7 p.m., at the AWCF World Congress, Crowne Plaza Hotel, Louisville, Kentucky. Without a doubt, he will challenge us to a reach a greater dimension in our walk with God. If you are a serious Apostolic believer, you cannot afford to miss this service.