What is the Apostolic World Christian Fellowship (AWCF)

What Is The AWCF?

The Apostolic World Christian Fellowship is a world-wide alliance consisting of those who adhere to the apostle's doctrine in word and practice. The directive for this fellowship is provided by scriptures that emphasize a unity for God's people. Our Lord Jesus Christ taught,"...that they, all may be as one, even as he and his Father were one". Apostle Paul proclaimed that"...we should be of one mind, one strength, and no division."

The history of the Apostolic Pentecostal Church of the 20th century, though glorious; sadly reveals that many contentions and strifes have crept in among the brethren. The AWCF is attempting to reverse this trend by working to remove the rifts and barriers that men have allowed to happen, bringing division to the Body of Christ and confusion to the world! The prophetic utterance of Jesus, "That the world may know that thou has sent me," can only be accomplished through unity; certainly not division.

In 1970 Bishop W.G. Rowe, the founder and Chairman of the AWCF for 20 years, asked for key Apostolic ministers to come together to study the feasibility of a world wide fellowship. Presently, more than 135 Apostolic organizations have agreed to work together for the common cause, the continuation of the message of the Apostles which started on the day of Pentecost, A.D. 33.

In May 1991, Bishop W.G. Rowe retired from the General Chairmanship of the AWCF. He was succeeded by Bishop Samuel L. Smith. The headquarters is located at are located at 421 N. Main, Evansville, Indiana. Mailing address is AWCF, PO Box 3924, Evansville, IN 47737 USA


1. UNITY: among all Apostolics, regardless of organizational back-grounds. Personal differences must be surrendered in order to submit to the prayer of Jesus Christ, that we become ONE.

2. MOTIVATION OF THE MINISTRY: We must "pull out the stops" and share successful programs with each other in order to get the job done. Big businesses spend millions to develop leaders. We are in the Father's Business. Too few of us understand the need for setting spiritual goals, and fewer yet the methods of Spiritual Church Government. We must motivate each other. God has methods that work, let's find them and share them.

3. CHALLENGE THE LAITY: There is a wealth of energy and potential sitting in our pews. Paul said the five-fold ministry was for the perfecting of the saints. The word "perfecting" means EQUIPPING. We in the ministry are responsible to equip, train and prepare the laity; thus challenging them to be involved in lay ministries.

4. MISSIONS: Reaching the lost both at home and world wide is the lifeline of the Church, the very reason for the Body of Christ to exist.

In light of the fact that we are Apostolics, built upon the Rock, Christ Jesus, following the teaching of the Apostles, our motto, "That They Be One," is Biblical and noble. The message from Genesis 11:6 must take on special revelation to our collective hearts: "Behold, the people is one...and nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do."

Knowing that "This Gospel," the truth that Jesus founded and the Apostles taught, must be preached throughout the world before the end, we are a destined people! We must locate, challenge and mobilize those who believe the Apostles' Doctrine, in order for them to have an active role in the Biblically prophesied End-time Revival. We invite true Apostolics everywhere to pray and work together to publish this great message to all humankind throughout the world before the Lord returns!