Words for the Watchmen


New Book Release by Bishop Samuel Smith


Now in it's 2nd Printing

The first printing for Words for Watchmen has sold out; it is now in its second printing. Read what others are saying about Words for Watchmen.

Doctrinal, Prophetic, and Current
192 pages
14 chapters

WORDS for WATCHMEN, is 192 pages, with 14 chapters. The cost is $15 per copy, (includes postage and handling),

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Endorsements for "Words for Watchmen"

Words for Watchmen should be in the library of every Spirit-filled minister. The words of this book will get off its pages and into your heart. I have known Bishop Samuel Smith for over fifty years. His life is as consistent as his preaching! He is a man that has his ears attuned to the voice of God. I believe what is written in "Words for Watchmen" is what the Spirit is saying to His ministers. "He that hath an ear let him hear what the Spirit is saying!" You will probably read this book over and over again. It will equip you to be a voice for the Lord for the last day harvest.
Bishop David Fuller, Hewitt, Texas, AWCF Vice-Chairman

Samuel Smith is an articulate and well versed spokesperson to those of us that have been called to be watchmen to our communities. He is one of us, growing up in the Apostolic Church, at a young age feeling the call of God upon his life, attended Apostolic Bible Institute, St. Paul, Minnesota. His ministry has spanned decades and put him in a position to have watched the development of the present day Jesus Name Revival, as well as seeing so many leave their posts and failing to give warning as to what is happening in the now. Bishop Smith's call to Watchmen grows out of a burden and is more than an academic book, it is a sermon in which he shares with us conditions of today and where we are and the need to remain faithful to our calling. It is for the whole church as well as the ministry, as we take on the task of standing on that wall, trying to warn the world of its present condition. This book will stir you and reignite old flames and it is a must read for every library in the Apostolic movement.
Bishop Stan Wachtstetter, Arlington, Texas. Apostolic Liaison to the White House, and missionary to Eastern Europe

Words for Watchmen is a land mark book that deserves to be read by every minister of Jesus Christ today. From the duel perspective of both a thorough researcher and a veteran Apostolic practitioner; Dr. Samuel Smith challenges today's contemporary Apostolic Church and its leadership to "Set the trumpet to thy mouth." I recommend this book to every minister of God's Word at this closing hour. This book should be a requirement for every Apostolic and Prophetic Watchman who anticipates that day when the Lord shall return and judge every man by the standard of the man, Jesus Christ.
Apostle A. Lee Henderson, Bremen, Georgia, Presiding Bishop of the UFGWOFJC, and AWCF Ambassador-at-Large

There must be pacesetters in any race. Bishop Samuel Smith has written a book, called Words for Watchmen. It is a book of conviction and passion for the end-time race. I challenge you to read this book as I did and join with me and us stand with Bishop Smith and be a Watchman for the time of the end.
Bishop Billy D. Shoulders, Nashville, Tennessee, Chairman Emeritus, Associated Brotherhood of Christians

Words for Watchmen is a poignantly prophetic wake up call for those who have been given care of the Flock of God...Bishop Smith has sounded the alarm and has taken us to the forefront of the cultural battlefield as we fight for the souls of men. In this newest literary work focused on those of us who are already in the heat of battle, our Bishop gives encouragement, admonition and fresh ammunition to keep on fighting! I am always impressed by the consistency of Bishop Smith's message and his unique style and anointing. I highly endorse and encourage the reading of this book. You will be challenged to "keep on the firing line."
Jonathan Suber, Austin, Texas, National and International Evangelist

The inspiration of Bishop-Dr. Samuel L. Smith, AWCF General Chairman, and 21st century Apostolic Pioneer, has taken an exceptional stand in the defense of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He writes to inspire this age, our responsibility to uphold the integrity of the Apostolic Faith. Bishop Smith makes known the reality of the apostate challenges that we stand against in order to preserve End-Time Apostolic posterity. Words for Watchmen has been adopted as a mandatory course for the Rowe Bible Institute for all undergraduate candidates. I highly recommend this publication to become a permanent part of the library collection for all Apostolic leaders of every level.
Dr. Dwight D. Brock, D.Min., D.H.L.,Fort Washington, MD; President of Rowe Bible Institute and AWCF Northeastern Regional Director

Bishop Smith is the SECRETARY OF TRUTH and PROPHECY of the Word of God. He has dug up nuggets of Truth and Prophecy that many have skipped over. Amos 3:7 says, "Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets"(NIV). Bishop Smith reveals biblical secrets in Words for Watchmen that we all need to study. This is a must read by all Christians.
Captain Ron Knott, Euless, Texas; former Navy fighter pilot, retired commercial airline pilot, author and Bible teacher.

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